Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence is a not-for-profit organisation, supported nationally by thousands of companies committed to developing and sharing knowledge between industry, clients, government, education and research.

Through the national body, regional centres and local business clubs, we seek to improve industry performance through collaborative working, spanning the whole sector from buildings to infrastructure, all parts of the demand and supply chain, all disciplines, professions and trades.

National body

Nationally, Constructing Excellence is funded through membership from over 100 top clients, contractors, consultants and suppliers in the UK. We invite forward-thinking organisations to join our membership which offers engagement with and governance of all our activities including: research, benchmarking, task groups, forums and workshops, leadership and influence.

Constructing Excellence UK

The regional centre

SECBE is the link between the national body and all the local business clubs in the London and South East.  SECBE also manages the important regional awards. 

Contact Will Hunter on  0118 920 7205 /  to find out how to get involved.

Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards

Local business clubs

Constructing Excellence business clubs are groups of forward-thinking, innovative people who want to share knowledge and ultimately improve their business bottom line. Anyone with an interest in construction is welcome to join – the only prerequisite is that you should be committed to improving performance. Annual corporate membership ranges from £80 – £200, providing extremely good value for money.

Constructing Excellence Clubs in London & South East


Generation for Change is for young construction professionals that want to succeed in construction and drive positive change towards a successful industry. 

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Constructing Excellence Surrey Club - Surrey Constructing Excellence Breakfast Event
30 April 2024
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